Looking after your health needs at Jon's Medicine Shoppe means more to us than just preparing your prescription. We work with you and your physician to provide you with the best care possible. As medication experts, our pharmacists and staff are an active part of your healthcare team. At Jon's Medicine Shoppe, building a healthier community means we truly care for our community's health needs.


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Compounding is the art and science of tailor making medications for unique needs and preferences. A compounding chemist is a pharmacist who prepares human and veterinary medication into different dosage forms. These may be troche, lozenge, capsules, transdermal gels and creams, suppository and pessary dosage forms.
Most of these require a Doctor's prescription and are customised to your needs and can contain more than one medication in this dosage form. We can also compound medications that are no longer commercially available. Our goal is to work closely with your doctor to improve the outcome of your treatment and health.

Treating Colds in Young Children

        Many OTC cough and cold medications have recently been withdrawn from the market because there is insufficient data to show they are effective, and their misuse (often unintentional) has led to serious adverse effects and even death. Non-drug therapies are now recommended for initial treatment of cough and congestion, plus use of acetaminophen or ibuprofen for fever or discomfort. Parents/caregivers should understand the differences between various product formulations (i.e., liquid acetaminophen preparations vary in concentration), and the importance of using a calibrated measuring device - not a household teaspoon. To help a child feel better until a virus runs its course: Relieve a stuffy nose by thinning the mucus using unmedicated saline nose drops or spray. Clear a baby's nose with a suction bulb. Use a cool-mist humidifier in the child's room and clean it often. Prevent dehydration by making sure the child drinks plenty of fluids. He may prefer clear liquids and not feel like eating if he is congested. Call a doctor for symptoms in a child under 3 months, a fever over 24 hours in a child under 2 years, or if the child has ear pain, severe sore throat, or symptoms that don't improve within 10 to 14 days. Ask our compounding professionals about flavored, customized dosage forms for children.

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